Issue 3: Spiel

I like to think that some of the works published in the first two issues of Marrickville Pause have conveyed it as a journal of spielerisch (‘playful’) poetics … And It is for this reason that for the third issue of Marrickville Pause I was looking specifically for poems that ‘play’.

This idea of ‘spielen’ (or playing) I feel has been interpreted and implemented by the poets of this issue in various ways. Take the Chewy Dragees (‘TAKE A SELFIE’ or ‘READ PALMS’) that feature through out Pam Brown’s fragmented poem: ‘(a no-title title)‘, or Stuart Barnes’s ‘Chalicento‘: a cento constructed from various poems of the late-great Ern Malley. I could say more, but being such a small magazine (as is always the aim), take a break, have a Kit-Kat or a Milton Mango and enjoy the poems: Issue 3: Spiel




P.S. In 2018 Marrickville Pause will endeavour to release three issues: Issue 3 (‘Spiel’) in February, Issue 4 in June, and Issue 5 in October.

Now with Issue 3 released The Pause is currently accepting submissions of poetry, prose, visual art and photography for the fourth issue (possibly themed, stay tuned), with the submission deadline being May 31st.



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