Submissions to Issue 8: ‘History’ have been extended from July 31st to August 14th. See the call-out and submission guidelines below.


For this issue, we’re interested in writing that re-thinks, or undoes, historical topics, objects, events / or writing that engages with history as a topic, object, event / or how history can become obfuscated by the hyper-technologically disorienting present / or how writing the future is something historically unprecedented / or …

If in doubt, take heed of Benjamin:

“Historicism depicts the “eternal” picture of the past; the historical materialist, an experience with it, which stands alone. He leaves it to others to give themselves to the whore called “Once upon a time” in the bordello of historicism. He remains master of his powers: man [or woman] enough, to explode the continuum of history.”

Walter Benjamin, “XVI’ from On the Concept of History (1940)


Note: submissions that don’t engage with the theme are more than welcome.



Submission Guidelines

The magazine puts an emphasis on a poetics of experimentation and play (interpret as you will!), and seeks to publish a diverse range of voices: from academic/non-academic, (non-)’Australian’/unAustralian, LGBTQI+ … All are welcome. We also like to keep things short, so seek to publish roughly 10 poets per issue (though contradictory, the length of a poem doesn’t matter). If your poem isn’t accepted, keep in mind that it isn’t always because of quality.

– Submissions should be sent as a Word doc. to Please include a short bio with your submission, and allow a couple of weeks after the deadline for a response.

– Poetry, prose and other forms of writing should be 1.5 spaced in size 12 Times New Roman font. Please send no more than 3 works at a time.

– Illustrations, drawings, photographs and other forms of imagery should be submitted at the actual size.

– We accept simultaneous submissions (as long as you let us know if it is accepted elsewhere).

– Unfortunately, no payment can currently be offered as the magazine receives no funding. In the event funding becomes available, paying contributors will become top priority.

– For more regular updates, see our Facebook page: Marrickville Pause