In 2019 Marrickville Pause will seek to publish 3 issues guest-edited by young and emerging Australian poets: one in June, September and December. If you’re a writer interested in editing an issue, please email a short bio and proposed theme to

The magazine is currently open for submissions to its 6th issue, ‘Circles’, guest-edited by Ho Chi Minh City-based poet, Joel Ephraims. Submissions close May 23rd. Please see below for Joel’s call out and the submission guidelines.





Extra-terrestrial circles.
Circles circled.
Transporting circles.
Machine dried circles.
Long inhabited circles.
Terror inducing circles.
Nourishing circles.
Countless circles.
Circles inhabited for a short time.
Circles in the state.
Soapy, environmentally-friendly circles.
Country-wide circles.
Watered circles.
Priest-like circles.
Concentrated circles.
Shaded circles.
International circles.
Conglomerated circles.
Circles with animals trapped inside of them.
Household circles.
Fancy circles.
Circles scattered with yellow leaves.
Terrestrial circles.
Blazing circles.
Hand washed circles.
Shamanic circles.
Rustic circles.
Magical realist circles.
Crumpled circles.
Circles that stare up at you irresistibly.
Circling circles.
Cartoon circles.
Gritty realist circles.
Over-priced circles.
Exponentially growing circles.
Orbited circles.
Free, but contains advertisements circles.
Circles with Mohawks.
Picked circles.
Resigned circles.
Herbed circles.
Active circles.
Circles with well-kept stone walls.
Circles wobbling around hips.
Cathartic circles.
Sleeping circles.
Non-cathartic circles.
Circles with comb-overs.
Circles with crumbling stone walls.
Bald circles.
Dentist circles.
Millimetre circles.
Polluting circles.
Spend a good Sunday afternoon circles.
Stampeding circles.
Circles on a far away moon.
Analogous circles.
Light-year circles.
Surging circles.
Congested circles.
Lawned circles.



The theme of this issue is circles.

We want your circles. We need your circles. Sometimes we think we are addicted to your circles.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay you for them.

We cannot make a living off our circles and neither can you.



Joel Ephraims is a NSW South-coast poet. He has two national awards and has been published in many Australian journals and magazines including Overland, Australian Poetry and Mascara. In 2013 he published a chapbook of poetry, Through the Forest, with Australian Poetry and Express Media. He recently had a suite of poems published for The Red Room Company’s The Disappearing and is currently working on his first full-length collection.



Submission Guidelines

– Submissions should be sent as a Word doc. or PDF attachment to 

– Poetry, prose and other forms of writing should be 1.5 spaced in size 12 Times New Roman font. Please send no more than 3 works at a time.

– Illustrations, drawings, photographs and other forms of imagery should be submitted at the actual size. 

– Please include a short bio with your submission.

– We accept simultaneous submissions (as long as you let us know if it is accepted elsewhere).

– Unfortunately, no payment can currently be offered as the magazine receives no funding. In the event funding becomes available, paying contributors will become top priority.

– Please allow a couple of weeks after the deadline for a response. 

– For more regular updates, see our Facebook page: Marrickville Pause