Issue 5





Marrickville Pause 
Issue 5: Place   





Alana Collins – Little Landscapes (detail) 2018 

Stuart Cooke – South / Fade, Into / Talking

Tricia Dearborn – Sanctuary / Chlorine

Kiara Lindsay – maybe we would move somewhere far away / THE LAKE IS NOT VERY FAR FROM HERE 

Dominic Symes – Fucking Adelaide

Ali Jane Smith – Likes & Dislikes 

Liam Ferney – Coot-tha

Ken Bolton – As Recalled

Anita Solak – Povezani

Michael Aiken – Dream Street, Inner West

Joel Ephraims – The Brian Cranstons of Eat the Crusts Town, The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Collaboration,
                              The Indoor Snow Field Conspiracy, The Service Station Philosopher, A Lament to Mother
                              Ambrosia, and More