Issue 6





Marrickville Pause 
Issue 6: Circles

Guest-edited by Joel Ephraims




Daniel de Filippo – Tracing Trough


Editor’s note

Adrian George – The Ouroboros

Mark Young – A line from A.P Carter

Kristian Radford – Film Festival, Second Half / Theory / Another Sunday 

Daniel de Filippo – Untitled / The Long Vowel / Jasmine Tea / Perils of Binary Thinking

Liam Ferney – Fixing a Rearing Horse / Trimble / Comments of the Poets 

Nick Chlopicki – ‘Swish Sonnet (Collage#61)’ / ‘create your very own great (Collage #71)’ / ‘add dead on no dead add (Collage#69)

Daniel Pilkington – SPLIT / SELF / A PRINTED MIRROR

Chantelle Mitchell – Tektite Dust Found in Deep Sea Sediment

Kathryn Hummel – Anatomy of the Wasteland / Play it again

Ben Hession – Oh what they say is true

Bridget Gilmartin – Exodus

Tayne Ephraim – the geneticists build better and faster dinosaurs / shipwrecked spaceman / ouroboros