Issue 1: the Pause that Refreshes

Issue 1: the Pause that Refreshes 

I envision the first issue of this magazine to be like the ‘Marrickville Pause’ in itself – a short inescapable moment of distraction, where contemplation and interpretation set in between a deep breath and a squint. A poem of sorts, an untimely ‘Pause that Refreshes’.

I want to thank the people who’ve allowed me to publish their poems in the first issue of Marrickville Pause and Nick Chlopicki, whom helped shape this magazine idea initially. I will also use this space to welcome submissions for the next issue I hope to release in August. The deadline being July 31st.


Jake Goetz

A Welcome Pause

Marrickville Pause started in early 2016 as a print zine of poems written by a friend and I under numerous pseudonyms. We wanted the magazine to be fun, democratic, piss-taking, colloquial and full of all the other attributes we believed one would (should?) associate with contemporary Australian poetry and writing.

We released our first issue, Issue 3, by printing off copies at the UTS library in Sydney and placing them in odd places here and there throughout the city. We had plans for another issue, things folded, until now …

Therefore I make the call for submissions to the first issue of Marrickville Pause: a journal of poetry, prose, visual art, photography and extended forms of hoo-haa. Though each issue will be themed, for numero uno, i’m more interested in a miscellany of the imagination and experience. Maybe this quote will help to get things started:

‘… in the composition, the artist does exactly what every eye must do with life, fix the particular with the universality of his [or her] own personality – Taught by the largeness of his [her] imagination to feel every form which he [she] sees moving within himself [herself], he [she] must prove the truth of this by expression. – W.C. Williams.

The magazine will be released online in April 2017 and print copies will also be available upon request. Please see the Submissions tab for the guidelines.


Jake Goetz