Liam Ferney

basic af

dzunko sp-1200 snip:
                                     reader. god forbid
i should tell the truth, that’s what every

chief of staff wrestles with when
the bent boss shambles towards the con

the emails we shouldn’t be sweating
begin to define our indifference

we have taken special precautions:
we are covered in the event of civil commotion.

we are covered in the unlikely event
one remnant of a cold war orbit

collides with another, the alloy rain
that endures re-entry as lethal as irukandji

we are covered in the event of civil commotion:
a west end riot spilling up highgate hill.

but the way i read the fine print, if they
improvise the corolla as a car bomb,

our house is covered but our stuff isn’t.
try the heebie-jeebies                 (they’re on the house)

and ask yourself do bots dream of eclectic tweets?

Liam Ferney‘s most recent book is Hot Take (Hunter Publishing). He thinks Marrickville Pause is probably the best name for a journal since Surfers Paradise or Otis Rush. He was too young to publish in either of those august mastheads.

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