Pam Brown

(taxi box)


code red
smoke hazed
gusto take away
       burning lips

nothing shades
straggly bleached hair
                     his lean torso
arms stretched wide open
    torn faded denim wings

       backdrop crowd
step step side to side
       hip hop shoot moves
single arms circle the air
       on a metro square
bordered by highrise
       all grey-blue hazy

let the videos begin

painting with history
                    in a room
       filled with people
       with funny names

the entire studio
        is in a taxi box
   parked on a street
       near the bunker

meet us
at the taxi box
     corner something
& something streets

gusto coffee
          swirls steam
across your lenses

double fogged
high definition equipment
                           looks softer

red conductor insulation
              appears salmony
       orange equals ochre
       yellow stays yellow

everyone waits
                      to hear
something human
               or to hear
you say something

hello how are you
                  & so on

to  –  (keyword)  –
anything ‘new normal’

you’re screaming
a silent scream cliché
to quit this abstract
     descriptive thing
           but you can’t



Note: ‘painting with history/in a room/filled with people/with funny names’
          – title of an hd video by Korakrit Arunanondchai, 2015







            for Liam Ferney


when you get a feeling
      that you can
snatch a sonnet
     out of the air
tropical gecko 10pm
is sub trop rat  11pm
         & anyway
         11.10  pm
ringtail possum
ghosts a satellite cable





Pam Brown, a dedicated amateur, has published many books – most recently click here for what we do (Vagabond Press, 2018). She is a Sydneysider living on Gadigal land.



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