Kiara Lindsay

maybe we would move somewhere far away


looking at all the time                       for seemingly no reason          some bath with a
beautiful view some kitchen sink below the window               some garden with ready veg    I   put   us
there in a dream
we’d tear ourselves apart         we’re already doing that it’s just slower in the city     prolonged    only
for distraction in my thornbury backyard      I look at the moon and think   feminine in spanish
masculine in german right      for me neutral                           I’m more likely to avoid gender
I worked for this                        I did and I want you to do that too      if you’d like      it’d help me     I
walk down saint david street because I took a left too early  I  wish  I  could  remember  what  I  was
thinking about                           but I just don’t with the moon so heavy in the air                  your   face
so heavy in my brain                myself so heavy in these clothes         m a y b e   w e   w o u l d   m o v e
somewhere far away   maybe we would           but it’d still feel                         all too close 











Kiara Lindsay is a poet living in Melbourne. She completed her Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne in 2017. She is the founder and co-editor of Inhabit Journal. You can find her work in Visible Ink, Voiceworks and Lor Journal.



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