Alana Collins

Little Landscapes (2018)
Metal, Tasmanian rocks and minerals, fungi, lichen, fossils, tree parts, shells.



LittleLandscapes (1)

LittleLandscapes (2)
























Little Landscapes (2018) featured as a part of Alana Collins’ exhibition: Dust, exhibited at the Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart in February 2018. 



Alana Collins is an artist based in nipaluna/Hobart who works in drawing and installation. Her practice is concerned with the significance and vulnerability of nonhuman beings, which she explores through fragile, ephemeral and small-scale works. Her process involves the collection, alteration and assemblage of natural materials from local environments. In this way her work invites audiences to contemplate the landscape and see it with new eyes, fostering a connection between people and place.

Instagram: @something.everlasting