Stella Hatzis

All but the Most Important Thing Sauté


Serves me right




      – 1 or preferably 2 cups ether                                   – 3 litres oil

      – 1 cup being                                                                – Pop

      – 500g protein synthesis                                           – Warm water

      – 2 tbsp. dream diary                                                 – Bottle from wine bar 

      – 1 tsp. ground beef




     1. Preheat oven for about how long it would take you to get yourself together.

     2. In a plastic bag, mix the last and best ingredients. Put this in perspective. Leave to


     3. Combine the ether and protein synthesis in a way you can deal with. Don’t overdo it.

          Add the oil.

     4. Stir fry everything else in the bottle. Then gauge how many detergent pods to add. Be 

          careful as the pop will definitely embarrass you.

     5. Sizzle on a low heat until the mixture is thick with something like knives. Remove the

          oil and the knives.

     6. Garnish incredibly.

     7. Serve on a low-res screen.





Stella Hatzis is a third-year student of Creative Writing, English Literatures, History, and French at UOW, where she is also an executive of the Musical Theatre Society. She draws on a combination of multilingualism and experimental uses of everyday technology to shape her poetry.