Gareth Morgan



it was that
finding oneself
in nature thing
going for apolitical
but that’s a
runaway train
ur a loser when
u think this way
unstick unstuck
up field theres a cadillac
and a porsche
up state you get glorias
in sea brook there’s cursed
how did i get here
rode petals this far
and we broke down
we came down
horses were lavish
everything in mittens or
chicken wire
we stripped bark
for jet ski jump off
number eighteen
gum nut drive
all u see is yahtzee
and falling its you
standing in a doorway
show and tell
twenty chicken
nuggets in a
plastic bag
tell how
up in the hills
mistakes get made
then form improves
and every thing
is a window





the day my punk went psycho


i dreamt we were sitting in a circle
on the grass
u me and al montfort
he was being real nice
telling us about his job at roy morgan
and how he spends all his spare time
painting in his studio
what sort of paintings al?
oh you know landscapes mostly
urban but i like a little green
i looked around at the sky and the trees
i was thinking about cowboy hats
putting them on everything
you put one on your character
in the video game last night
it was a car
with rockets on it
and a cowboy hat
to stand out a bit and to personalise
al wasn’t interested in talking about rock n roll
but we didn’t mind
it was just nice to hang out
look at the dogs all in a row
on the short horizon





Gareth Morgan is a poet and a postie living in Melbourne’s inner west.