Ben Hession

                    The Top Room


                    Yeah, in the top room at the Rad Bar, the young
                    people gathered ‘round the lady who bore
                    four arms, each one sleek, long and proffering
                    (downstairs, the music played). Aloof, she,

                    whose consciousness was inhaled, and blown
                    out in inscrutable clouds, welcomed those
                    who forgot her name, who laughed in thickened
                    pulses. For a moment, thoughts had no place

                    to move inside the skull, yet reached for egress.
                    Finding none, they suspended their animations
                    while waiting on an epiphany. Meanings sought masks
                    to wear in public, words free-lanced their services.

                    Evening cleared, voices found bodies, again, from
                    where to speak. Time came, then, to eat another song.





Ben Hession is a Wollongong based writer. His poetry has been published in Eureka Street, International Chinese Language Forum, Cordite Poetry Review, Verity La, Mascara Literary Review, Bluepepper, Marrickville Pause and the Live Poets anthology Can I Tell You A Secret? His poem ‘A Song of Numbers’ was shortlisted for the 2013 Australian Poetry Science Poetry Prize. He has reviewed poetry for Verity La and the Mascara Literary Review. He also writes music articles and is involved with community broadcasting.