Issue 4







Marrickville Pause 
Issue 4: untitled





Katherine Rooke – Single seven-sided carnation #6 & #7
Inkjet print on photo rag, 10cm x 15cm
(click here for the full series)


Toby Fitch – Rhythmic Algae, or Just Another Echo Chamber / Apropos of Nothing / I

Gareth Morgan – jumpstart / the day my punk went psycho

Stella Hatzis – All but the Most Important Thing Saute 

Kelly Poole – The last time you signed out

Thom Sullivan – Drysdale, Vauclause: 1945

Ben Hession – The Top Room

Eva Phillips – Christmas/Letter to Jim (Morrison)/Indulgence

Kent MacCarter – Lime Rickey by Jamaica Bay (before Chris Mann in SF CA)