Duncan Hose

Champion Hurdie


Met a Dirty Irish Jockey
 A very      very
        Irish Jockey it was Inishannon
   Or county Meath or Midnight in the Tiergarten
   H’slips fine as Waterford crystal drunk he was

You wanted it to be Laprohaig
      & it was Laprohaig

you wanted to hear someone say ‘Laprohaig’\
& you heard it said ‘Laprohaig if I want

     an ad for peaty smokey
    I mean really doing laps in it whiskey
          I fken can I mean I fkcn will              the will
        The tremendous stupor of the Buever D’Air


Witty as the Petite mouche de pique
 Sometimes giving you rabies
  Others just enjoyable fever and an infernal

Turf!  God          more        TURF

       Beautiful youth        Scatter them entirely!
Muddy my dumplings  babeh         fit finally
  For the Lupercalia





ferae bestiae

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Duncan Hose is a poet, painter and opal miner. His published books include Bunratty (Puncher and Wattman 2015), A Book of Sea-Shanty (Bulky News Press 2014), One Under Bacchus (Inken Publisch 2011) and Rathaus (Inken Publish 2007). He is preparing a critical treatise called Prick’d by Charm: The Pursuit of Myth in Frank O’Hara, Ted Berrigan and John Forbes. He is a visitor on Jagera country.