Nick Chlopicki

A Desk Poem


coffee plunger
dirty from mourning
black wallet a
present from Grandpa
xmas eve 2009 Old
El Paso hot chunky tomato
salsa half used half
empty Doritos Nacho
Cheese Satyo Sai Baba
Nay Champa Agerbatto
traditional incense sticks
rolled in India one blue
ocean fragrant candle
still lit about one quarter
down two small vanilla
candles yet to be
used one book of selected
John Tranter poems
hardback softbacked

John Forbes poems
collected moo caramel
sundae yoghurt eaten tea
spoon sitting safely
inside two small bottles
of Frantelle spring water
lightly sparkling used
jar of vegetable relish
roasted ajvar the extra
creamy type filled with
ciggie butts an old laptop
battery box on charge
a laptop Dell
Inspiron a dirty mug
from a cup of soup pea and
bacon flavoured blue
desk lamp currently
a Champion
Ruby pouch one sixteenth
full with handmade
cover handstitched micro
slim Ventii filters a cricket
lighter out of gas a diffusor
of uncertain fragrance a
papermate pen flexi
grip A4 binder 96
pages half empty





Nick Chlopicki has performed his poetry all over Wollongong, Sydney and internationally, if you include beaches and backpacking hostel lobbies. He writes about his travels, fizzy water, and writing poetry. Nick has writings published in Tertangala, Menace and UoW Litsoc zines.