Madeleine Kennedy

Tin of Touch


Your ears are attuned
But smile it helps to hear
Face down when you do
All is all I want of you
The green stings as they dilate
Seeing helps to feel
Pooling of curiousness
Pressed against tight teeth
What do you taste
Tongue slips out
Lips cracked but listening
Glistening with a reflection
Starving for my own wetness
It smells like spring sheets
Maybe just your skin’s breath
You’re sublime with eagerness
A monsoon in my eyes
You squeeze I hiccup
Rain from lashes to thighs
Moving down from the inside
Can you feel the dew on decent
Little bumps catch your hairs
Head back as eyes shutter
Each blink sequential
A new glimpse with each whisper
Full of zeal that’s forever looping
Still inside, I grip your gaze
It’s all clear again
Before there was rot
Now a floating glow
Seemingly empty but also filled
Flat planks of soft clean skin
You enamoured with squirms
Of which you set on fire
I embalmed
With our moment’s desire
We rest both damp and silky





Madeleine Kennedy is based in Bristol and is currently spending her time there pottering around philosophising sweet nothings.