Ell Tanner

Lighten your garage experience


and wow what a
Shiraz           that’s the wine talkin
honey please remember I’m
                                                                   drunk than
                         you to lighten your
                                                      home with the rich and velvety fragrance
                                   of vanilla in milk crates full of
                                                                    unwashed clothes and mismatched
                                                                                                        never attached
                                                                                        lightbulbs hiding in the
                                                                                                pockets of denim t
                                                    shirts today found
                                       on the shag carpet  saying
                                        to your shoulder as you open the
                                          door      o o hhho  hh listen up this
             strawberry smells goooodd        as good as the $2.50 Palmolive tea
     tree and eucalyptus oil   dandruff shampoo noticed
                                                                                                 after three weeks of head blisters
                                         waiting for the mould stretch
                                                     a Saturday        keep the  observations running     t h i n
          when out playing made up games         double the balls
                                       windows instead of swastikas
                                                                                             real garage experiences
                                          avoid those fake EXIT doors
lets leave it
       and see how we go





Ell Tanner studies music at UoW and is known around campus for wearing overalls. Her greatest achievements include reading the first couple of chapters of Infinite Jest, finishing the original Crash Bandicoot as well as performing various gigs around Wollongong.