Stevie Montague

La verdura especial


heat marks restlessness
held by triangles of paper
intertwines the necks
of two horses: the roundness
of thighs, silhouette of sun
beneath the roses of Vishnu

is this a mystery bound
by fine hemp visions?
could an over-exposed cow
be stuck to wonder with glue?
searching the wet cream sighs
for a bridge, for two dogs
that bark back over troubled water
to really experience l i f e (glittering)

i watch a girl contemplate the moon
to guitar strung fingers
in a pub-rock melody
and somewhere within
the creaking floorboards
of this Queenslander
dreams are bound by boredom
wind propels light through
the only reprieve
from the day’s dumfounded progression
hands parting legs, the fingers





Stevie Montague was born and raised in Brisbane. She is currently working on a PhD at QUT, investigating masturbation in 21st century literature.