Rachael Grey

In Sydenham Green


the sun draws a rectangle of light
              to an old woman
                            in white pink and blue
              rustling a bag and throwing
bread crumbs to the wind

                            pigeons swarm
to the act of giving
              as she finds comfort
in her loneliness
                     in giving to those ignored
if not forgotten
              if not herself

              to relish that last crumb
of bread, the last sip
                            of a Bushels, the last movement
              of feet
in warm socks and sneakers

that last ache and crack of the ankles
              as the world swoons her
                            from her skin
              and all that is left
besides the clothes hanging in Salvos
                     is this idea
                            forever swooning





Rachael Grey currently lives in Sydney’s Inner-west where she works a desk job and likes to write poems in between.