Liam Ferney

Hungry Wolves


Bummed rollercoasters bump diabetes from the front page
and these days we’re more defined by the books we don’t read
than by the ones that we actually do.

Settle with your ISP before you engage the Ombudsman,
do his grubby work with a well-pitched Facebook complaint.
It sounds like Beck is picking Billy Joel’s pocket,

surely, this is an MOR future we can all get behind?
Laziness asteroids into a work ethic and repurposes
these poems as low rent business bromides

packed into some bro’s half biog/ half self-help bestseller.
By the time they stop deducting your HECs debt
you’ll understand that you only have something to say

when you’ve got skin in this frilly racket.
If you don’t like what I write when I’m gone
just remember, I’m nu Romantic like Simon LeBon.



After the adding machine


Café babe goes through DeadFOOD
For Feed face for a Fee fee
Instead it’s bad beer bad coffee
Odd food bad beef & 1 bad boot
But for Café dude it’s a bad café
With an ABBA babe A bad babe
Dead beef & Bad food Bad beef
A café Feed Bad bad bad bad
So the Beef cake loads up
On dead beef
                         a Façade Defaced
with Deadc0De I fee1 dead.



The lone and level sands stretch far away


Everyone copes
with radically changed

An unusual strategy
starts to bear fruit,

while plans are set
in motion
that could
change everything.





Liam Ferney’s most recent collection Content (Hunter Publishing) was shortlisted for the Queensland Poetry Prize. His previous collection, Boom (Grand Parade Poets), was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Poetry Prize and the Queensland Poetry Prize. He is a media manager, poet and aspiring left back living in Brisbane, Australia.