Kelly Poole

The Chancellor’s Garden


wind blown afternoon of cigarettes
next to chalk pavement sign that says
              PRAISE GOD
while young girl puts on her red helmet
did she just PRAISE GOD?
if she didn’t, only god knows, so praise be the
one who had to tell her all this just now
how profound the sounds that turn the city
as empty white bus scrambles through arvo traffic
never to know or always within
the raging illusory of trendy living
sometimes is better not to deal with it all right away
I don’t know where any of the people are going
or who the Chancellor is meant to be
some dead cunt for all I fucking care
yeah, yeah, righto Kelly, righto





Kelly Poole grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney but currently lives in Wollongong.

‘The Chancellor’s Garden’ is re-printed from Marrickville Pause‘s first zine.