Issue 3 ‘Spiel’ – Call Out for Submissions

Issue 3 ‘Spiel’ – Call out for Submissions
Submission deadline: January 31st, 2018



I like to think that some of the works published in the first two issues of Marrickville Pause have conveyed it as a journal of spielerisch (‘playful’) poetics … And It is for this reason that for the third issue of Marrickville Pause I’m looking specifically for poems that ‘play’.

For the Situationists, such as Guy Debord, the idea of play played an integral part in challenging the Spectacle, or ‘the colonisation of daily life’ (Barnard 2004, p. 107), through the implementation of psychogeographic techniques such as the derive – dropping one’s ‘usual motives for movement and action’ by letting one’s self be ‘drawn by the attractions’ of an urban environment and the encounters one may find there (Debord 1956, para. 1).

Closer to home, in 1943, over the course of one day, two Australian poets (James McAuley and Harold Stewart) attempted to make a mockery of the modernist approach to poetry, and in doing so introduced Ernest Lalor Malley into Australian literature. Their creation, created out of the desire to ‘take-the-piss’, is still regarded as one of the most interesting, and at the least, most entertaining, happenings in Australian poetry.

So, take the piss, spiel-away, get a new name, satirise your favourite poet, or if the desire to write can’t be summoned, take a photo, collage some images from a National Geographic, and send to before January 31st.

See the Submissions tab for more specific guidelines.







Barnard, A 2004, ‘The Legacy of the Situationist Internationale’, Capital & Class, Conference of Socialist Economics, No. 84, pp. 103-124.

Debord, G 1956, ‘Theory of the Derive’, situationist internationale online,




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