Issue 2: dialogue

Issue 2: dialogue

The title of the second issue of Marrickville Pause draws on the series of photographs developed as an on-going conversation between German photographer Simon Grunert and Australian artist Jack Banduch. With 14 photographs from each of them finding points of relation through colours, forms, concepts and textures, to create a dialogue between two distinct objects, or geographies.

Other instances of conversations, or ‘dialogue(s)’, can be found through-out the poems and prose of this issue. Take Liam Ferney’s ekphrastic poem ‘Gaze’, for example, which responds to various photos from the German photographer Steiglitz; Michael Farrell’s ‘Slightings’, with its playful deconstruction of Russell Crowe through a series of questions; or Nick Chlopicki’s ‘A Desk Poem’, which creates a conversation between multiple objects through collage. Not to mention all the dialogues to be had between the readers of this issue and the works therein.

Marrickville Pause is going on a bit of a holiday for now, but welcomes submissions for Issue 3, with the deadline being January 31st. Stay tuned, it will be themed!

I’d also like to thank all the people who’ve submitted to the second issue of Marrickville Pause.




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